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Results Training 6 Week Transformation Program

These clients decided that they were ready for a change and made a big commitment to themselves and their health. Results the Training Gym offered a one of a kind transformation program and these clients took us up on the challenge. A complete program including meal planning, coaching and unlimited training helped these clients lose from 12-24lbs in 6 short weeks. Our 2nd group of transformation participants are finishing up another 6 week challenge and we look forward to sharing the results from our West Sacramento and Sacramento fitness and transformation program.

Meanwhile, if you or someone you know are ready to start your own transformation, get our 14 Day preview program FREE!

Just visit us here at —->  http://getfitsacramento.com/14-day-trial.html

Lose 20lbs in 6 Weeks!

Aaron lost over 20lbs in the Results Transformation and Fitness Challenge


6 Week Transformation

Andrew lost 23lbs in 6 Weeks with West Sacramento’s Results the Training Gym

Andrew Side150 Dpi Aretha Front 150 Dpi Curie 1 150 Dpi Jasmine Front 150 Dpi Jasmine Side 150 Dpi Judith Side After Justine Front 150 Dpi Kathleen Front 150 Dpi Lisa Side 150 Dpi Lori Side 150 Dpi Mary Front 150 Dpi Mary Side 150 Dpi Michele Side150 Dpi Michelle Front150 Dpi Monica Front150 Dpi Natalie Front150 Dpi Puja Side 150 Dpi Ramee Side 150 Dpi Rebekka Side 150 Dpi Shannon Front 150 Dpi Shannon Side 150 Dpi Stasi Side 150 Dpi Tameeka Front 150 Dpi Tameeka Side 150 Dpi Verna Side 150 Dpi

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