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3rd Key To Successful Body Transformations

So far we have talked about 2 keys to a successful body transformation that we confirmed after interviewing some of our most successful clients who went through our life changing www.RESULTS20.com program.

Key #1: They become a little “selfish” and make their health and well-being a priority.

Again how good are you for your family if you’re not well?

Then we went on to talk about…..

Key #2: They Surround Themselves with Like-Minded People.

Before I talk about the 3rd common trait of my most successful clients who have lost 20-60lb in 6 weeks with our www.RESULTS20.com program, let me remind you to attend one of our upcomming orientation dates for this life changing FREE WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.

It’s time to take control of your life. It’s time to make a change to a healthier, happier YOU.

I highly recommend contacting the club coordinator nearest you ASAP:

Results Transformation Center
1512-B Howe Avenue
Sacramento CA 95825
Email Janell – transformsac@gmail.com

Results 24 Hour Gym
8345 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento CA 95826
Email Tom – tom@results24gym.com

Results Training Gym
109 15th Street
West Sacramento CA 95691
Email Chris – westsacgym@gmail.com

Without further ado,

The 3rd common trait of my most successful transformation clients is…..

They Set Specific Goals, With a Deadline to Reach Them.

“A goal without a deadline is a dream”

A goal has to be specific, and it must have a deadline. (That’s the beauty of our www.RESULTS20.com program)

The last day is the key, it can be a wedding day, a reunion, the 28th day of the V-Diet, or whatever.

Just find an end date. Open-ended goals, like New Year’s resolutions, usually don’t last a week. Why? Because there’s no end date.

Getting leaner’ isn’t a goal. A good goal has a measurable objective, a time frame, and a reason.

Starting on September 8th, I want to drop 20lb in 6 weeks so by October 20th, I can fit in my little black dress.

That’s a real goal.

Compare someone with a goal of ‘I want to change my body’ to someone whose goal is ‘I want to weigh 175 pounds at 10 percent body fat by October 20th.

The second person is about a million times more likely to make a dramatic change to his body, and it all starts with a highly specific goal.

Successful Body Transformation Take-home lesson: You can’t finish a race if you don’t know where the finish line is. Set a specific goal with a specific end date, and give yourself specific methods for reaching that goal.

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