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Busy Mom gets Amazing Results

On May 5, 1995 I married my high school sweetheart. A few months later we decided we were ready to become parents. What joy we had when we found out I was pregnant. And this is when it all started, my ups and downs with weight gain/loss. I gained 70+ lbs reaching an all time high of over 200 lbs. After giving birth I was stuck at 170+ lbs for years. Two years later I was pregnant again, blessed with our second child. In 2000 I gave birth to our third and 2004 our last baby girl.

Four pregnancies between 1995 & 2004 and roller coaster ride with my weight. I finally was down to 155 lbs. by 2013. I was “comfortable” with that, but deep down I wished I would lose those STUBBORN 20 lbs.

April, 2013 I joined Results the Training Gym in West Sac. Perfect spot as I work in the area. It’s just a short 4 min. drive. I immediately fell in love with the workouts and the coaches. However, three months of consistently working out 2-4 days a week I was not seeing any changes in the scale and/or my physic.

Then the day came, Coach Damian gave us a speech. He challenged us to change our eating habits by eating clean, no alcohol, no soda, no sweets, etc… a six week challenge in which he would help us along the way. Though I “only” lost 10 lbs on this challenge, it was the beginning of a new me./

Slowly I was getting healthier, stronger and confident. In September I ran my first 4 miles, without stopping! Thanks to my dance mom workout partner, Christina Low for convincing me that I can do it. Mind you, I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping to catch my breath. October I conquered Tough Mudder with my cousins and friends. The altitude and the cold wind kicked my ass but I didn’t quit. Crossing that finish line felt so amazing!!

Today, I’m down to 124 lbs. I’ve lost almost 10% body fat and close to 16 inches over all. Went from a size 10 (snug) to a comfortable SIX! Most importantly, I’m healthier and much stronger. At 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life! I love pushups, chin ups, Turkish get ups and burpees! Yes I said BURPEES. This lifestyle change has helped me be a positive role model for my children/family. A sincere thank you to all the RESULTS coaches, my family and friends for the invaluable support!!


Hortencia 150 dpi

Results20lb-28 Hortencia 2

Results20lb-27 Hortencia

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