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Follow Up: 2nd trait of a succesful transformation

After interviewing some of my most successful clients who went through our life changing  www.RESULTS20.com   program, we found out that the #1 key was that they decided to put themselves first.

And to some people that means “becoming an a#$shole for a while”

Yes if you have neglected yourself for years you need to become a little selfish for a little while to concentrate on getting your “old” YOU back.

Again, I can’t reiterate that YOU are #1.

You’re no good for your kids, significant other, job or anyone else if you’re sick in the hospital or dead.

Before I talk about the 2nd common trait of our most successful clients who have lost 20-60lb
in 6 weeks with our www.RESULTS20.com program, let me remind you about our next orientation dates for this life changing FREE WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…
If you’re tired of nothing fitting you anymore…
If you want the “old” you back….

Then, I highly recommend attending one of our upcoming orientations by contacting one of our program coordinators below:

Arden and Howe Results Transformation Center: Email Janell   –  transformsac@gmail.com

Sacramento Folsom Blvd/Rancho Cordova:  Email Tom – tom@results24gym.com

West Sacramento: Email Chris –    westsacgym@gmail.com

OK, now here is the 2nd common trait of my most successful transformation clients.

They Surround Themselves with Like-Minded People

Your results and expectations are directly related to those people with whom you spend your time with.

If you’re trying to be fit, surround yourself with fit people, if you’re trying to increase your income then surround yourself with people who have higher income than you do.

They say the average income of one is the average income of their 5 closest friends.

I bet that holds true with fitness as well.

Get around those people who see you as you’ll be, not as you are.

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  If you’re trying to lose fat, then hanging around sedentary junk-food junkies isn’t going to work.

They’re more likely to bring you down than you are to bring them up.

Why does it work that way? It’s perhaps related to a concept known as “cultural para-stimuli.” Nobel laureate Victor Starling coined the term after conducting an infamous study on cats.

First, he took half the cats in the study and performed a type of brain surgery on them that made them act in bizarre, often self-destructive manners.

Then he put them in with the rest of the cats.

Did the crazy cats normalize their behavior to match that of the sane cats? Nope.

The normal cats adopted the crazy behaviors of the surgically brain-damaged ones.

Think of the self-destructive behaviors of your friends and family, the ones who overeat, don’t train, and otherwise damage their bodies through their lifestyles.

Do you bring them up, or do they drag you down? Chances are it’s the latter.

Most successful body transformations begin by surrounding yourself with fit people going after the same goals.  These could be friends who are at your level, or mentors and role models who pull you up to their level.

Either way, Relationships like these insulate you against the sort of negativity that comes from friends, family, and coworkers who aren’t on board with your quest for self-improvement.

Take-home lesson: The most successful people are those who surround themselves with others who have the same goals. Likewise, they remove themselves from the “crazy cats” that bring them down.


Coach Matt

PS – Tomorrow  I will email you the 3rd trait of my most successful clients.
Don’t miss out.

PPS – Your chance to join in on Booty Bootcamp is also tomorrow!

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Arden and Howe Results Transformation Center: Email Janell   –  transformsac@gmail.com

Sacramento Folsom Blvd/Rancho Cordova:  Email Tom – tom@results24gym.com

West Sacramento: Email Chris –    westsacgym@gmail.com

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