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Keys To Successful Body Transformations (Part 1)

You’ve seen the jaw-dropping before-and-after photos of our clients.


My business partners and I now have over 2000 before and after pictures, case studies and videos.


Chances are, you started training with the goal of transforming yourself from one extreme to another.


Sadly, these transformations happen relatively rare for most people.


Sure, most add some muscle, lose some fat, get stronger, feel better.
Nothing wrong with that. But very few make those head-turning, “holy s***!” transformations like
our clients with our life changing www.results20.com program.


Our clients literally MELT 20-50lb in 6 weeks. (Record for a man and woman is 59.5lb and 35.7lb respectively)


Speaking of our www.results20.com program our next weight loss challenge starts September 8th. If you’re interested in changing your life and getting it done once and for all, I highly recommend attending one of our upcoming orientations. Contact our Program Leaders at the location of your choice to make sure you’re one of our Next Transformers:

Arden and Howe Results Transformation Center: Email Janell – transformsac@gmail.com


Sacramento Folsom Blvd/Rancho Cordova: Email Tom -tom@results24gym.com


West Sacramento: Email Chris – westsacgym@gmail.com


So what are the secrets of those who do succeed?


I hate to quote Anthony Robbins here, so instead I’ll paraphrase him: Success leaves clues. People who’ve succeeded exhibit common traits.


Take 100 successful physique transformers, and I’d guess that 90 percent of them took similar routes to success.


There are no secrets, but there are patterns.


So what are those patterns? To get the answers, I talked to some of my most successful transformation clients.


My goal is to find out “what these successful clients have in common”


I asked one question: “What do people who make successful physical transformations all have in common?”


Here’s what they told me.

#1: They Become A#$holes … for a While

When you turn on the TV and come across a show about weight loss, you’ll see a lot of crying, hugging, and syrupy-sweet one-liners about having a positive attitude.


Well, heck. In the real world, successful people get pissed off.

Success story Gloria Rodriguez told me: “I didn’t like the way I looked, the way I felt, or the way I was leading my life. I was fat and it pissed me off.”

She said “Bad way to start your day when nothing looks good on you”

My other client Chris B knows the power of negative thinking.


Chris didn’t feel sorry for himself, and he didn’t stand in front of the mirror repeating positive affirmations.He got angry, and even unleashed some rage on his trainers. I know, I was there when it happened.


People who get angry and fed up with being out of shape always have the most amazing, lasting transformations.


They feel like they’ve got nothing left to lose, so they push themselves to extremes and keep coming back for more


Why does anger work? Here’s my take:


The human animal is a predator. He doesn’t track and kill his prey by kinda-sorta wanting it.

Achieving a goal isn’t a marathon; it’s a sprint. You have a short, intense window of opportunity to break bad habits and smash through obstacles.


Successful people share a willingness to get uncomfortable.

Now, how does a self-pitying whiner deal with discomfort? He quits. How does a guy who’s willing to be an a#$hole deal with it?


He gets ticked and fights through it. And he wins.

Anger isn’t the only socially unacceptable personality trait that comes into play.

“Significant change comes with getting a little selfish.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, although some of your friends and family may think so.

One Trainer even told me “My family thinks I am crazy, because I prepare my food and eat out of tupperware”


Even if it feels weird to set aside time for yourself and your own self-improvement, it’s the only way to pull it off.


You have to get a little selfish and take some of your time back. That allows you to avoid distraction while focusing so intensely on a single goal.


Another dickish trait common to physique success stories is a certain sense of superiority. You don’t have to hold the weak-willed people around you in contempt, but it helps to remind yourself that you’re stronger and more determined than people who skip workouts and succumb to the siren call of Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme.


If you feel guilty about your newfound arrogance, remind yourself that it’s temporary. Use it, get what you want out if it, and then drop it like a bad relationship.

Take-home lesson: Positive changes often occur with the use of a negative attitude.

Being an angry, self-centered a*$hole with a superiority complex helps body transformers reach their goals. Just be sure to cut that crap out when you’re done.


Transforming Clients Lives,

Coach Matt


PS – Stay tuned as I will reveal the second “trait” of my most successful “transformers”. Later this week I will also reveal your chance to get in on two special programs, never before offered!

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