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Meet Coach Carlos

Please give a warm Results welcome to Coach Carlos when you see him!

Coach Carlos is a long time resident of Sacramento.  He joins Results the Training Gym after graduating with his Associates Degree and working at California Family Fit.   Carlos is looking forward to being part of your life changing Results.

Coach Carlos

Coach Carlos










Bio for Coach Carlos lozano

As a child I grew up living a very inactive lifestyle which consisted of eating whatever I pleased and not doing any physical activity.   As a sophomore in High School I reached 230 pounds.  At that time I made the decision to play play football.   I still remember my first day i went out for try outs I had asked the coach if I could leave early because i was so out of shape.  That was the  most I had every worked out in my life and I could barely take it.    I am really happy my coach didn’t let me quit.   As a result of him not giving up on me and letting me letting me go it became a huge turning point in my life.  Up until that point I  had not realized how out of shape I was.  It only took 30 minutes of try out practice to open my eyes.

230 lb freshmen

230 lb freshmen

I stuck with in through my senior year and lost a good amount of weight with the new active lifestyle.   In my senior year I also took up Volleyball and the coaches really enjoyed the energy and attitude so I became the Freshmen coach.    After a couple years of coaching I realized this is where my passion was.   I decided to to work for and receive my associates degree in Exercise Science and also went and got certified as a personal trainer through NASM.  Since I love functional training and group I added a TRX Suspension certification in so I can continue to coach groups.   I have a lot of continued education plans but most of all I am excited to be a part of the Results Coaching Team.

I have learned that life is great as long as we it allow it to be.  I am excited to help empower you and I love to meet new people and  help them reach their goals.  After all your goal becomes my goal.

Looking forward to our RESULTS!

Thanks for having me as part of the Results Training and Coaching Team!

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